Bedworth Eagles Soar Through Extended Season Despite Weather

The 2023-2024 season was tough for our Bedworth Eagles teams. As you know, it rained a lot this year!. This extended the season well beyond the usual finish line.

Bad weather caused our youngest footballers to suffer. It cancelled or postponed many of their games,and wet pitches annihilated our mini soccer sessions. Leaving the kids without football on a weekend!

We wanted to show that the Eagles’ spirit is strong. Our established teams prove we’re a thriving club in Bedworth.

Our junior teams, from Under 7s to Under 18s, worked hard and did well despite the challenges, showing the talent and dedication that they are renowned for.

Let’s look at the football season, group by group. We’ll celebrate our young players who did a great job despite the bad weather.

U7 – U10 Age Groups: Fun and Fundamentals

Our young Eagles always play with enthusiasm. These young football players focus on having fun and learning the basics. They develop a love for the sport that will last a lifetime.

U7 Predators: Unbeatable Champions!

A special shout-out to our U7 Predators who swooped in and stole the show! The boys have progressed through mini-soccer, beginning their footballing journey with a bang.

They finished their first season with a perfect unbeaten record. They also won the Chairman’s Challenge Cup.

This is a big achievement for any team. It’s even more impressive for a new team.

Congratulations to the players, their coaches, and their incredible supporters and sponsors!

As our Eagles get older, the competition intensifies. These years are important for learning skills and understanding the game better.

U11 Juniors: Solid Improvements

After losing key players, the coaches worked hard to recruit and train new ones. They did a great job. The new players fit in quickly and brought their own strengths and energy to the game.

The U11 Juniors have been playing some great football. They’ve shown their skills and determination in every game, supporting and encourage each other during matches. They’ve had some outstanding performances, with great teamwork and individual skills.

They now look towards next season, and their last season at 9 v 9 football.

U12 Juniors: Undefeated and Unstoppable!

Our U12 Eagles had a great first season in the Coventry League. They moved from the Nuneaton League and did very well. They didn’t lose any of their 20 games, drawing only two.

This record was amazing. It tied them with Atherstone Rangers on points. This earned the team a promotion to the next tier. Coaches Craig and Andy are very proud of the team:

The players have shown great teamwork, character, and improvement. They have worked hard and never given up.

Their future looks bright as they move to 11-a-side football.

A thank you to the sponsors. They are Oh My Nosh Catering, Bedworth Active Health Clinic, and TWP Decorating.

U14 Juniors: Rebuild and Refreshed

The loss of key players could have been a disaster. But coaches Craig and Paul were determined to rebuild. They wanted to come back stronger.

Their recruitment efforts worked. They added talented new players to the team.

The U14s finished the season in a respectable 5th place, but what’s truly impressive is how they got there. As the season drew to a close, the team went on an incredible 8-game unbeaten streak.

As we look back on this season, it’s clear that the U14 Juniors have set themselves up for success in the years to come. And who knows?

Next season, they’ll be strong. They might just be the ones to beat.

Our Under 18s team is our most senior team. Coach Hugh Donnelly leads them. This team grew from last year’s U16s, and it shows the hard work and progress in our club.

This age group is important. It helps players get ready for the physical and tactical demands of adult football.

U18s: A Season to Remember!

Our U18s had a great season. They finished strongly and made the whole club proud!

Their final match against Kenilworth showed how much they’d grown through the season. They controlled the game and had many chances to score.

On their last game of the season, coach Hugh had this to say:

“What a way to end our season! With a bang!! All 16 lads were superb today, didn’t give Kenilworth a second on the ball, moved it well and created some great chances. I’ve loved coaching and watching these lads develop individually, and as a team this season it really has been a pleasure!” 

It’s great to see some players being recognised. Hayden and Tom have been on the team for 11 years! They’re best pals and have been loyal to the team for a long time.

Outstanding achievement, well done to the whole team.

Shout out to the U18s sponsor, Auto Pitstop based in Coventry

Overall Season Summary

The 2023-2024 season was tough. We had a lot of rain and wet pitches. But our Bedworth Eagles players showed great spirit.

Resilience? Check! These kids have got it in spades. Skill? You bet! They’ve got talent and a deep, deep love for the beautiful game.

They’re not just playing for themselves. They’re playing for others too – their teammates, coaches, and supporters. They’re playing for the love of the game, and that’s what makes it all so incredibly special.

We want to thank all the coaches, volunteers, parents, and supporters. They came out every week, no matter the weather, to cheer on our teams.

As we bid farewell to this unique season, we can’t help but feel excited about the future.

The sun is shining again. We’re looking forward to a great 2024-2025 season.

Interested in joining the Bedworth Eagles family? As a player or a supporter, we encourage you to get in touch! A lot of these teams and players above, started at Mini Soccer on a saturday.

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