Join A Top Football Club in Bedworth for Ages 5-16

Bedworth has a proud tradition of nurturing junior football talent stretching back over 30 years. One club has led the way in developing homegrown stars of the future – Bedworth Eagles Junior Football Club.

Founded in 1986, Bedworth Eagles is the original and most established junior football club in the Bedworth area.  We’ve introduced thousands of local kids to football and helped many move on to competitive leagues.

Our founders wanted a friendly spot where young players can get better at football, get fit, and make friends. Today we continue that same community-focused spirit for ages 5 to 16.

At Bedworth Eagles JFC, we coordinate programs for both recreational and competitive football. Our “Mini Soccer” sessions provide a relaxed introduction for kids as young as 5 wanting to try football. 

As they grow, we offer intensive training and access to leagues so they can test themselves against quality opposition.

Benefits of Joining a Football Club

Playing organised football delivers immense benefits beyond physical exercise for young players. Joining a junior football club like Bedworth Eagles JFC allows children to:

Improve their coordination, control, dribbling, passing, and shooting with the help of certified FA-licensed coaches. Training sessions focus on perfecting all aspects of the game in a structured environment.

Build teamwork, communication and social skills by interacting with teammates.   Football teaches us important lessons about working together towards common goals and trusting our teammates on the field. 

But have you ever wondered what other benefits joining a football club can offer young players?

Feel part of a supportive community with shared interests and values. Being part of a club creates a sense of belonging, surrounded by peers who are passionate about the sport.

Follow a progression pathway from introductory programmes right up to competitive adult leagues. Experienced clubs like ours provide a clear route to progress from first kick to playing competitively at the highest level.

Being part of a football club offers valuable camaraderie and personal growth opportunities for young players. Join Bedworth Eagles JFC today to become part of our family!

Our Individual Age Groups and Training Programmes

At Bedworth Eagles JFC, we coordinate football programmes for boys and girls of all skill levels between ages 5 and 16. Our training sessions allow kids to develop at their own pace while making new friends in a fun, safe environment.

We tailor our approach for each age group to focus on activities suitable for their physical and mental stage of development. As they grow with us, we introduce more advanced skills and knowledge of the game.

Click the links below for more details about the Bedworth Eagles experience we offer tailored for each age group:


  • Under 5s Football – Where young minds take their first steps towards football greatness, planting seeds of skills that will blossom in the years to come.
  • Under 6s Football – Builds foundation through fun drills and mini matches, learning basic rules of the game.
  • Under 7s Football – Where dreams of becoming the next Messi or Ronaldo are born! At Bedworth Eagles JFC, we have the perfect training plans to transform your little ones into mini football prodigies. It’s like Hogwarts for footballers!
  • The Under 8s – This age group is crucial in the development of young players as they start to grasp the complexities of the game and apply their skills in a more strategic manner.
  • Under 9s Football – Push technical skills to next level and foster teamwork through 7v7 league games.
  • Under 10s Football – Extend capabilities and establish playing preferences in preparation for 9-a-side.
  • Under 11s Football – Transition into 9-a-side matches, with specialised training by position to excel.
  • Under 12s Football – Introduces more complex tactics and analysis of gameplay to improve decision-making.
  • Under 13s Football – Competitive 11-a-side league and cup matches to apply new skills and tactical knowledge.
  • Under 14s Football – Developing both physical power and mental composure needed for high-intensity teenage football.
  • Under 15s Football – Refinement of all-round capabilities, game intelligence and positional skills.
  • Under 16s Football – Bridge the pathway from youth to adult football, competing against experienced teams.

Getting Started with Football in Bedworth

Looking to begin your child’s football journey in Bedworth? It can be daunting finding the right club to match their needs and personality. 

At Bedworth Eagles JFC, we make it easy by offering sessions at our Mini Soccer programme on Saturday mornings. This gives newcomers a chance to experience our coaches and environment before committing.

When you feel ready to join, our online registration process is simple and secure. We announce all key dates on our website and social media.We are forming new U7 teams every season!

The monthly membership fee at Bedworth Eagles JFC is incredible value! You get so much for your money, great training sessions, the chance to play in leagues, and smart new kits. And guess what? If you have brothers or sisters who want to join too, you can get a discount! 

Don’t worry if you’re starting later in the season, we accommodate new members year-round. Players only need football boots, shin pads and enthusiasm!

Contact Us

Interested to learn more about Bedworth Eagles JFC? Get in touch today and one of our friendly team will assist you:

**Phone:** 024 7673 0460 


**Address:** Johnson Rd, Bedworth CV12 9BH

You can also use the contact form on our website to send us a message. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Let us welcome your family to our Eagles community!